Timekeeping Services


Keeping track of your employees is no small task and can be extraordinarily time consuming. Never fear – Employer Advantage is right by your side with our knowledgeable time-and-attendance specialists and state-of-the-art timekeeping software.

Our Comprehensive Time-and-Attendance Services Include:

  • Cloud-based solutions that are available anytime, anywhere
  • Time and attendance help desk
  • Time clocks
  • Mobile apps
  • Seamless payroll integration/uploads
  • PTO/vacation tracking and reporting
  • Job costing/labor distribution
  • Attendance policy tracking/enforcement
  • Customized reporting

Provide your employees with a quicker and easier way to track their own time.

Employer Advantage’s software enables your team to time-in and time-out quickly and easily. Employees can focus more on their respective jobs rather than worrying about how they can effectively account for themselves.

Another Key Benefit:

everyone (your employees and your HR team) will spend less time tracking, recording, and processing the time employees spent working each day, week, and month.

For business owners

Our timekeeping tool enables you to successfully evaluate your workforce’s performance without having to interrupt their productivity. It doesn’t matter what hours or days they work; you can easily track your staff’s attendance with a timekeeping tool.

Employer Advantage strives to help your business reach its full potential.

We do this by empowering your workforce with better timekeeping tools — all designed to promote team productivity. Our tools provide your business with a clear roadmap to increase efficiency, communication, and ultimately, profitability.

We offer a best-in-class enterprise-level system from Kronos that we customize and support for each client, allowing the system to match your specific needs. Geo fencing, job costing, and a host of other advanced features bring new insight and efficiency to you as a business owner or manager.

Hit two goals at once:

let your employees record their working hours hassle-free while you monitor their time seamlessly. Gain a business advantage with Employer Advantage. Call us today for more information.

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