Businesses can face challenges keeping employees safe and operating effectively while keeping in compliance with regulatory issues. As a Safety and Loss Prevention Program participant, you can feel confident that our team has the experience and knowledge to assist you in maintaining your compliance.

Training & Safety Manuals

Your employees’ safety is a primary concern at Employer Advantage.  Our safety and loss prevention department will assist you in creating a safe workplace for your employees by providing you with a customized safety manual that will enforce the required training for your employees.  In addition, we will conduct safety audits of your day-to-day operations and facilities, and evaluate the safety practices of your company.  We have access to a variety of resources including safety plans and meeting outlines.

Loss Prevention

In order to keep your company and employees protected, Employer Advantage will conduct periodic loss control inspections and evaluations.  We will help you minimize accidents and promote a safer work environment to protect your employee assets.


All team members are kept up to date on state and federal compliance laws and regulations such as DNR, DOT, EPA, and OSHA.  As a proactive measure, we can prepare you and your company for a possible visit from an agency auditor.  Employer Advantage is deeply aware that each company has specific needs and requirements, and we are well equipped to take care of your individual circumstance.