One of your most critical decisions is made each time you offer a job to a new employee. How can you improve your “employee selection skills”? How can you prevent getting trapped in the regulatory maze of handbooks, forms, postings, documentation, I-9s, W-4s, employee training, written job descriptions, and other government mandated employment matters? Let us add minutes to your employer time clock by taking the business of employment off of your desk.

Employer Concerns

Close Your Windows Of Liability Now!

A famous business entrepreneur once said “I’d rather have 1% of 100 good people working for me than 100% of one person”. Let Employer Advantage provide you with certified experts in the business of employment. Whether you are dealing with disciplinary actions with a difficult employee or training a valued worker who needs to improve, let us partner with you in the real-life world of employer headaches. We can make the following employment issues seamless in your workaday world:

  • Employee issues
  • Medical leave
  • Drug free workplace
  • Employee handbooks
  • Progressive disciplinary policies
  • Background screenings
  • Job descriptions
  • Unemployment claims
  • Employee relations assistance
  • Termination assistance
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance


Like It Or Not, Words Such As Litigation & Liability Are Not Going Away

As an employer, the government is steadily increasing your role as tax collector, documenter, benefits provider, bookkeeper, compliance officer, government record keeper, employee information officer, claims administrator, and workplace safety officer, to name but a few. Solutions offered by Employer Advantage include (but are not limited to):

  • I-9 compliance and record maintenance
  • Supervisory Training
  • New-hire documentation and policy acknowledgment
  • EEO1 reporting
  • State and federal minimum wage changes
  • Fair labor standards audit
  • Maintaining personnel files
  • New-hire reporting
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Client assistance during employment hearings
  • ADAAA compliance relating to employment
  • Employment related audit response and assistance
  • Leaves of absence record keeping
  • Federal/State employment posters
  • Current policy and procedure updates as regulations change


Regardless of your schooling, most educational programs do not prepare you to be an employer in the real world. Are your supervisors prepared and trained to become part of a well-greased business machine? Now they can be. Employer Advantage offers training and education for many of today’s business challenges.

Training sessions offered:

Supervisor/Management Courses Online

  • EEO basics
  • Hiring and interviewing lawfully
  • Performance management and discipline
  • Employee complaint management
  • Investigations
  • Retaliation
  • Terminating lawfully
  • FMLA basics
  • Union awareness
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Age discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Religious accommodation
  • Race and national origin discrimination basics
  • Disability discrimination
  • Disability accommodation
  • Sex/gender discrimination
  • Pregnancy and FRD
  • Reductions in force
  • Harassment training (1 and 2 hour courses)

Supervisor/Management/DVD & Live Training

  • Harassment: Sex, religion and beyond
  • Harassment: A common sense approach
  • Hiring Success
  • Care and Candor-Making perfomance apprasials work
  • Documenting discipline

All Employees/DVD & Live Training

  • Harassment: Sex, Religion and Beyond
  • Sexual Harassment: A common sense approach
  • Who cares? (customer service)
  • Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right