Businesses can face challenges keeping employees safe and operating effectively while keeping in compliance with regulatory issues. As a Safety and Loss Prevention Program participant, you can feel confident that our team has the experience and knowledge to assist you in maintaining your compliance.

Training & Safety Manuals

Your employees’ safety is a primary concern at Employer Advantage.  Our safety and loss prevention department will assist you in creating a safe workplace for your employees by providing you with a customized safety manual that will enforce the required training for your employees.  In addition, we will conduct safety audits of your day-to-day operations and facilities, and evaluate the safety practices of your company.  We have access to a variety of resources including safety plans and meeting outlines.

Loss Prevention

In order to keep your company and employees protected, Employer Advantage will conduct periodic loss control inspections and evaluations.  We will help you minimize accidents and promote a safer work environment to protect your employee assets.


All team members are kept up to date on state and federal compliance laws and regulations such as DNR, DOT, EPA, and OSHA.  As a proactive measure, we can prepare you and your company for a possible visit from an agency auditor.  Employer Advantage is deeply aware that each company has specific needs and requirements, and we are well equipped to take care of your individual circumstance.

Celebrating 50 years of combined experience, our risk management team will provide you with solid support for all aspects of workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. Capable of complete management of injury claims, policy administration, and unemployment issues, time sensitive paperwork will be taken off your shoulders and handled by our professionals.

Workers' Compensation Coverage

The Employer Advantage maintains a workers’ compensation policy which can cover client employees.  For those who maintain their own workers’ compensation, we can manage that policy for you as well, keeping your paperwork in this arena to a minimum.  Our risk management specialist works with agents to shop for the best prices, handle your renewals, make all premium payments and provide auditors with the information should it be requested.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Employer Advantage and it’s workers’ compensation claims specialists will monitor all aspects of your claim from beginning to end while keeping in contact with clients, employees and the insurance carrier.  We will work with you to develop a “return to work” program for all injured employees placed on modified duty minimizing the cost of claims and integrating employees back into the work place.  In addition, Employer Advantage handles OSHA 300 record keeping.

Unemployment Claims

Understanding that unemployment greatly affects your SUTA (State Unemployment Tax Act) rate we want to protect that, so all unemployment claims are tracked and recorded through the various stages by our unemployment coordinator.  We will respond to claims and complete all the necessary forms in order to stay compliant with the Unemployment Integrity Act of 2011.  In addition, unemployment insurance telephone hearings will be set and attended by our unemployment coordinator.  Employer Advantage will record and track your quarterly benefit charges and if an error appears on your account, we will file to appeal it.  And to help you control your future business plans, all benefit charges are documented for historical review.

Let our Benefits Specialists expertly handle those policy questions. Benefits are a “must-have” in today’s world of attracting and retaining qualified applicants and are attainable through Employer Advantage. Who has time to shop and compare benefit plans for the best fit with their company and then administer the benefits each pay period? By partnering with EA, employers can navigate the troubled and complicated waters of ACA compliance, insurance and claims. If you are satisfied with your current benefit status, let Employer Advantage relieve you of the time-consuming administrations of benefits already in place. We will track and verify eligibility, offer benefits to employees and notify carriers of employee elections.

Benefit Plan Administration

Employer Advantage helps you with all your benefit administration needs.  We will assist you in selecting and implementing a benefit plan that is best suited for your company and track your ACA compliance. Our benefits team will take care of the enrollment and administration so you have more time for your other business needs.  And when an employee leaves your company, Employer Advantage offers COBRA administration or state continuation plans as well.

Employee Health & Welfare

Employer Advantage assists in selecting and implementing an employee health plan that works best for you and your company.

We offer the following menu of employee benefits:


No matter the size Employer Advantage makes retirement plans available to companies large and small. By implementing a multi-employer plan we give you access to a solid retirement program that usually only larger employers enjoy and smaller companies would not qualify for.  And for added convenience, account information can be accessed from anywhere, anytime online.

You don’t trust just anyone with your wallet, so why would you trust “just anyone” with your payroll? There are many ways to outsource your payroll, but you want a company that can handle your employees’ wages with accuracy, dependability, and professionalism.

Time & Attendance

Sometimes you just need help keeping track of everything.  With Employer Advantage by your side, time management has never been easier!  Whether you want to report hours by fax, the internet or take advantage of time clock uploading, we have the solution for you.

Payroll Management

Looking for a payroll management company that handle your employee’s wages with accuracy, dependability & professionalism.  Look no further.  Employer Advantage can do it all.

Payroll Taxes

Having trouble keeping up with ever-changing state and federal regulations?  Don’t worry.  Let Employer Advantage manage your FICA (Social Security and Medicare), SUTA and FUTA taxes.  Payroll tax management includes:

One of your most critical decisions is made each time you offer a job to a new employee. How can you improve your “employee selection skills”? How can you prevent getting trapped in the regulatory maze of handbooks, forms, postings, documentation, I-9s, W-4s, employee training, written job descriptions, and other government mandated employment matters? Let us add minutes to your employer time clock by taking the business of employment off of your desk.

Employer Concerns

Close Your Windows Of Liability Now!

A famous business entrepreneur once said “I’d rather have 1% of 100 good people working for me than 100% of one person”. Let Employer Advantage provide you with certified experts in the business of employment. Whether you are dealing with disciplinary actions with a difficult employee or training a valued worker who needs to improve, let us partner with you in the real-life world of employer headaches. We can make the following employment issues seamless in your workaday world:


Like It Or Not, Words Such As Litigation & Liability Are Not Going Away

As an employer, the government is steadily increasing your role as tax collector, documenter, benefits provider, bookkeeper, compliance officer, government record keeper, employee information officer, claims administrator, and workplace safety officer, to name but a few. Solutions offered by Employer Advantage include (but are not limited to):


Regardless of your schooling, most educational programs do not prepare you to be an employer in the real world. Are your supervisors prepared and trained to become part of a well-greased business machine? Now they can be. Employer Advantage offers training and education for many of today’s business challenges.

Training sessions offered:

Supervisor/Management Courses Online

Supervisor/Management/DVD & Live Training

All Employees/DVD & Live Training