Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention

One Team That Can Carry the Burden in its Stride

Employee safety always comes first—so it’s important to have a safety program that keeps employees safe and in place that promotes their health and well-being while ensuring ensures business operations continue seamlessly.

But not all employers have the time or the resources to create a solid management system or hold company-wide health and safety training workshops. That’s where we come in to play!

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Safety Training & Loss Prevention Programs

Employer Advantage’s team of safety professionals is one centralized team that can takes the burden of health and safety management services off of your shoulders. Our deep cross-industry experience allows us to care for you, no matter your industry.

We help you stay safe and in line with safety regulations by:

  • Conducting workplace safety assessments
  • Developing customized safety plans
  • Providing specialized safety training

We work with you to develop a system that identifies and controls hazards, as well as provide you with resources on worker health and safety. Learn more about safety training here.

Safety Manuals

Our safety engineers will work with you to create policies and procedures that make sense for your business and protect your employees.

  1. We’ll help you document these procedures in appropriate safety manuals and other materials.
  2. We’ll assist you with the creation of safety training programs that cover company standard safety policies, hazard assessment, protective gear, and safety committees.
  3. We’ll run you through OSHA requirements to ensure your safety programs cover everything your employees need to know.

We can also provide employee safety training handouts to further reinforce the training sessions.

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Worksite Inspections

Whether you work on a construction site, a manufacturing floor, or a doctor’s office, our team knows how to keep your team safe. In addition to helping with documentation and training, our safety engineers will conduct periodic worksite inspections to help you identify situations and practices that may be putting your employees at risk.

In general, our team will inspect work areas, entrances and exits. We check walking surfaces, electrical rooms, confined spaces, and stairways. During the inspection, we take note of areas that require improvement, as well as offer recommendations on how to address these concerns. These inspections help prepare you for visits from OSHA and other regulatory agencies. 

The Workplace Safety Advantage

Employer Advantage customizes workplace health and safety training according to the needs of each company. One size does not fit all, which is why we tailor our advice and programs according to your business’ challenges, budgets, size and culture.

Using our workplace health and safety services allows you to prioritize other aspects of your business. Finally, you can rest assured that the safety of your company is in good hands!

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Advantages for Your Business

  • Reduce operational liability
  • Maximize productivity
  • Build employee trust