Workers’ Compensation Services

Lifting the Weight Off Your Shoulders.


If you have employees, you should—and in most cases are required to—have workers’ compensation insurance. Why? If an employee is injured on the job, this coverage protects your business and ensures that your employee gets the care he or she needs. Without it, a large accident could hurt or even end your business.

The cost of coverage varies depending on a number of factors, some of which can be impacted by how your coverage is purchased and how well your policy is managed. Step aside and let our dedicated workers’ compensation team pick this up so you and your team can get back to work doing what really matters!



Coverage & Administration

When you work with us, you’ll benefit from the pooled buying power that allows us to offer workers’ compensation policy that is affordable and protects your business and employees can cover client employees.

You’ll also be free from the headaches of large down payments, claims administration, annual workers’ compensation audits, and OSHA reporting.

If you prefer to maintain your own workers’ compensation coverage, we can manage that policy for you and keep your paperwork in this arena to a minimum. Our risk management specialists work with agents to shop for the best prices, make your renewals easy, handle all premium payments, and provide auditors with requested information.

Claims Management

Navigating workers’ compensation claims is confusing and time consuming for business owners. Our dedicated claims specialists at Employer Advantage will monitor all aspects of your claim from beginning to end while keeping in contact with you, your employees and your insurance carrier. Our first priority is always helping injured employees get the care they need right away!

We will work with you to manage accident investigations, ensure employee care and to develop a “return to work” program for all injured employees placed on modified duty.

Our goal is to minimize the cost of claims and safely integrate your employees back into the work-place as soon as possible.

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Advantages for Your Business

  • Save time
  • Lower employment-related costs
  • Reduce employment risk