Exciting news! Employer Advantage has expanded into the Greater Phoenix area with the acquisition of Choice Employer’s Resource, an HR services company in Mesa, Arizona. The sale was finalized June 1, 2020.

This will add a third Employer Advantage location to serve clients with personalized, strategic outsourced HR services. It will allow us to help more businesses lift their administrative burden to improve profitability and growth. Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and a growth incubator for startups and good-paying jobs in a variety of sectors. This makes small to midsize Phoenix companies a natural fit for outsourced HR services that help them run lean while still providing the excellent benefits that retain employees.

Employer Advantage President & CEO Jared Young spoke about the acquisition: “Small and mid-sized businesses typically don’t have the resource in house for all of the administrative, HR and compliance functions today’s employers have to handle, and that causes a tremendous burden. It stifles growth and profitability. Our goal is to free employers from that burden so they can focus on their business success.”

Shared company values and a personal connection were also important factors in the acquisition.

“Choice shares our values and our commitment to a high standard of service,” Young said. “We’ve known the owners, Brad Bowman and Steve Winger, for many years and have the highest respect for them and their company.”

Bowman and Winger will stay on as employees of Employer Advantage, continuing to work with and support existing and new Phoenix area clients.

“While we’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished as a business, we have been looking for a larger partner to help us meet our clients’ evolving needs,” Bowman said. “Employer Advantage is ideal because they have our same dedication to personalized service, but they are large enough to bring additional resources and technology to the table.”

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