Outsourced HR Services For Small Businesses

Streamline HR and Watch Productivity Flow!

The efficient and effective management of human resources is critical in keeping valuable employees and protecting your company. Yet for some businesses, particularly small businesses and startups, the various functions of HR are too costly, complex and comprehensive to keep in-house.

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Employer Advantage’s Small Business HR Outsourcing professionals are here to take the minefield of personnel responsibilities off your plate – for good!

Feeling overwhelmed by FLSA, EEOC, DOL, ADA, NLRA, FMLA, and the other dizzying array of HR-related regulations with which you need to comply?

Maybe you’re trying to manage it on your own or you’re using a handful of vendors who are trying to handle all that dizziness for you.

That’s where comprehensive HR outsourcing comes in. Our HR management services focus on your specific needs and ensure compliance and benefit your business’s bottom line. With decades of experience when it comes to hr support for small businesses, our HR professionals can serve as your entire HR department. As experts in small business HR solutions, we can provide your current HR director/staff with critical support. Rely on one team and one point-of-contact to help you navigate the government regulations and best practices to reduce your business risk and create the best working environment for your employees.

Here’s an overview of the HR services we provide:

Employee Onboarding Support

Are you ready to bring that great new hire onto your team? Let us provide the tools to make onboarding smooth for your employee— and your team. Whether you’re onboarding 1, or 500, employees, we’ll make it easy with our electronic onboarding tools, customized checklists and forms, and oversight on ensuring new employee regulations are met.

Employee Handbooks and Policies

Are you confident that your employee handbook meets all of the current regulatory requirements and employment laws? Do you even have an employee handbook?

Our HR professionals can help you draft a fully compliant handbook if you don’t already have one. We’ll also periodically review your handbook to make sure it stays up-to-date with regulatory trends and the progress of your company.

As an HR outsourcing company, our HR consultancy services also help small businesses keep up with changing laws pertaining to benefits regulations. Our pros can help you understand these changes and apply them to your handbook. They will also alert you to major regulatory and other HR-related developments that you may want to account for in your handbook.

Consulting and Supervisor Support

With only a phone call or email, you’ll have easy access to your service team who will quickly start to know you by name.

Our HR professionals are here to walk you through the appropriate steps when dealing with situations such as discrimination claims, employee disabilities, performance problems, sexual harassment, medical leave, and other HR tasks. By outsourcing your human management services to us, you gain a professional independent partner who can give you the advice you and your employees need.


Every year, the list of government demands on employers continues to grow. Employer Advantage helps minimize your risk and protect your business.

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It’s difficult to be prepared for everything that owning a business throws your way. Let Employer Advantage help you and your team with proper employee training to be prepared for whatever’s next!

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Advantages for Your Business

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced employment-related liability
  • Reduced time spent on transactional HR
  • Lowered labor costs