Get HR Hassles Off Your Plate

Outsource Your HR Management to the Experts!

Don’t Lift a Finger

We’ll do the heavy HR lifting for you.

Breathe Easy

We take on the HR burdens and risks.

Focus on Business

Get the time to focus on your bottom line again.


Let us answer your questions.


You take a rest while we handle this for you.


You focus on your business and we’ll handle the rest.

Say Goodbye to HR Hassles You Won’t Miss
Whether you’re stretching your resources thin or just feel like you’re in over your head, we’re here to take the HR off your hands.

And we mean all of it.

  • Payroll
  • Employment Taxes
  • Health And Benefits
  • Retirement
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Manuals
  • Safety
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • OSHA
  • HR Technology and more!

When you outsource your HR to Employer Advantage, there’s no juggling between different vendors. Each of our clients has one dedicated service team to provide them with top-notch HR management!

We’re at Your Beck and Call!

Even the ghastliest of HR issues don’t turn us away. In fact, we enjoy loosening up our cummerbund and diving right in. After 30 years of HR management, we’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all, too. And our customers benefit from our expertise across industries and with common HR pain points among small and medium-sized businesses.

Overwhelmed? Hand the HR Over!

We’re a PEO (aka: a Professional Employer Organization). This allows us to serve as the professional team sharing the burden of having employees. That means we act as your internal HR department and take on the risks, burdens and headaches associated with HR.

Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

Don’t Struggle Under the HR Rubble…

Draining your team, depleting your resources and taking your eye off what matters most—your business!

Step One

Talk with our team for 30 minutes and you’ll know whether we’re a fit for you.

Step Two

We’ll prepare a customized HR proposal so you’ll have all the information you need to make a decision.

Step Three

Review and sign the proposal and we’ll get you on the path to HR bliss in a matter of weeks!

“We have been a client of Employer Advantage since 2006. The biggest area of value for me is their HR services. I can call Employer Advantage and they are always there. I appreciate the perspective they bring to HR issues and come out of those discussions better informed on what decisions I should make for our company.”

– Kenneth L.

“Employer Advantage saves me a large amount of time and head-space so that I can instead focus on helping our company reach our financial goals and developing and pursuing our vision. They have helped us become more profitable and successful as a company while taking good care of our employees. I cannot express how helpful they have been!”

– Jarod I.

“We started using Employer Advantage about 12 years ago and during that time we have doubled the number of employees we have and seen our revenue increase 10x. With Employer Advantage, I don’t have to worry about HR, payroll, workers’ comp, or our benefits. If you are looking to simplify your payroll process, save time, and free up resources then it’s a no-brainer to use Employer Advantage.”

– Lyle K.

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