How We Help Our Clients


Trusted for more than 30 years, Employer Advantage frees you from the administrative and compliance burdens of having employees so you can focus on your business success. Versatile enough for companies of all sizes, our unique service combines comprehensive management of your employee administration and compliance with the latest software solutions, tailored to meet your individual needs and company culture. 

You control the priorities while we structure a program unique to your business’ and employees’ requirements. The best part: you’ll save time and have peace of mind knowing experts have your back.

More Than a Slick Software Solution

We provide your employees with top-notch assistance and benefits that help you increase productivity, save time and money, and attract and retain a talented workforce. And for small and mid-sized businesses, we bring you economy of scale with access to Fortune-500-level benefits, specialty assistance, and savings that would not be possible to attain on your own.    

Our Team Is Your Team

Our full-service management of HR, payroll, health and benefits, workplace safety, and more, enhances your profitability while reducing the costs and risks associated with employment law compliance. We are an extension of your HR department. When you work with Employer Advantage, you’ll be adding senior HR professionals who can handle your payroll, hiring, workplace safety and more. 

Experienced, certified, and trusted: Payroll, Employment Taxes, Health and Benefits, Retirement, Human Resources, Employee Handbooks, Safety and Loss Prevention, Workers’ Compensation, OSHA, DOT, Timekeeping, Group Health Insurance, 401(k), Ancillary Benefits, Benefit Plan Administration, Employee Administration, Employment Regulations and Compliance, Safety Manuals and Training, Unemployment Claims Management, Worksite Inspections, Regulatory Compliance, and more.  

Headquartered in the Midwest and serving more than 400 companies and 10,000 worksite employees throughout the country, Employer Advantage is an IRS-Certified Professional Employer Organization (PEO) (C-PEO). 

See How We Keep Our Clients Blissful!

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Find out how three very different businesses found their bliss with Employer Advantage, including:
  • A grocer that saves over $10,000/year on benefit costs and 2+ days/week on admin
  • A new restaurant business that was able to turn a profit in only the second month of operation
  • A small business owner who can devote his time to value-adding activities and now enjoys a healthier work-life balance

How We Work for Our Clients:

  • Comprehensive management of your employee administration and compliance responsibilities: HR, payroll, health and benefits, workplace safety, and more. 
  • Top-notch assistance and benefits for your employees that help you increase productivity, save time and money, and attract and retain a talented workforce. 
  • Access to Fortune-500-level benefits and specialty assistance.               
  • The latest software solutions tailored to your unique business needs.
  • Secure Internet access to on-time and accurate payroll, benefits, personnel data, vacation, sick-time accrual, and specialized reports. 
  • We reduce and assume many employment-related liabilities and resolve many litigation problems before they reach court.
  • All the critical certifications: IRS Certified, SHRM, American Payroll Association, National Safety Council, CPA Certified, SOC-1, SSAE and more.
  • Professional assistance with compliance (payroll/FLSA, OSHA, EEOC).
  • Access to professional HR guidance and materials.
  • Unemployment and workers’ compensation claims management.
  • Clear, easy-to-read, and professionally written employee handbooks, policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Up-to-date information on labor regulations, workers’ rights, worksite safety, and ever-changing government requirements.


Need Assistance Recruiting Employees?

We proudly refer clients desiring assistance with recruiting and staffing needs to our sister company, Hire Advantage.  Dedicated to providing temp-to-hire or full service recruiting, Hire Advantage believes hard work, determination and strong relationships are key to providing the best available service to meet the ever-changing needs of the business community.

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