Dusk Mask Training

This training will cover the different types of respiratory Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Depending on the exposures you have in your workplace, different protection is required. Gases, vapors and airborne particulates all create exposures and require PPE

Who needs this course?

Any employer that creates dust, uses liquid or powder sprays, coatings, insecticides, pesticides, germicides, caustics, disinfectants, acid wash or paints, sanding, lead paint removal and even window replacement needs to attend to see what type of respiratory protection is needed.

Course Content

  • Is it a dust mask or a respirator
  • Does it make a difference P-95 or N-100
  • Disposable, half face, full face, canister or supplied
  • Proper fit and fit testing
  • Is a medical review necessary prior to use
  • Developing a respirator policy
  • Maintenance
  • Air sampling to determine respirator requirements

Course Credit

1 Hour


A written test can be used for this course. Upon completion, the employee using the respiratory equipment will be fit tested follow the medical evaluation

* CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: In order to receive a refund for a course, you must notify the designated Employer Advantage instructor and withdraw from the class 5 business days prior to the training event. If a scheduled class has less than the minimum number of enrollees or weather conditions make travel unsafe, Employer Advantage will cancel the class and refund any fees previously paid by the enrollee. All refunds will be in the form of a check.

For Employer Advantage PEO clients, if you fail to withdraw an employee from a class at least 5 business days prior to the training event, you will be invoiced the non-client employee price.

Contact us if you have any questions, the dates for the course you are interested in are not currently showing, or if you would like group and onsite pricing. Thank you. 

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