Industry: Healthcare
Locations: Missouri
Number of employees: 57

Challenge: New company without HR support

Client challenge (reason they wanted to talk with us or compelling event):
A new venture providing vaccination services needed an external partner to manage their HR. A week before their launched, their plans for handling HR, payroll, and workers’ compensation insurance fell through.

Employer Advantage solution (what we did to solve the problem for them):
We provided a team of professionals to create needed HR documents, policies, and procedures. Our team customized an HRIS system, procured a workers’ compensation policy, setup payroll and onboarded 50+ employees within a week.

Business impact (Think PPTLC, hard numbers are great like saved xx% in time or dollars):
The client has saved over $100,000 in salary and was able to begin operations within their original timeframe which saved their contracts worth $120,000+.

Impact to highlight:

  • Saved over $100,000 in salary
  • Allowed company to launch and fulfill $120,000+ contract

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