Industry: Healthcare
Locations: Arkansas
Number of employees: 20

Challenge: New medical practice without HR support

Client challenge (reason they wanted to talk with us or compelling event):
A new primary care healthcare clinic in Arkansas wanted help developing the HR infrastructure necessary to hire employees and begin serving patients.

Employer Advantage solution (what we did to solve the problem for them):
We were able to put in place a comprehensive HR solution that allowed one of the practice’s owners to efficiently manage HR administration with the support of our technology and dedicated service team of HR, payroll, and benefits professionals.

Business impact (Think PPTLC, hard numbers are great like saved xx% in time or dollars):
Because of our services, the practice did not need to hire a part-time office manager, saving roughly $25,000 in salary costs annually. We also helped them purchase a workers’ compensation policy that did not require a large down payment to help them strengthen their cash flow as they began operations.

Impact to highlight:

  • Saved $25,000 by not having to hire an office manager
  • Strengthened cash flow

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