Industry: Construction
Locations: 1
Number of employees: 17

Challenge: Poor performance of current vendor

Client challenge (reason they wanted to talk with us or compelling event):
A specialty construction company was frustrated that their current HR and payroll vendor was not providing satisfactory customer service and over charged them on payroll taxes. The company had to compile their own reporting to apply for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan and lost contracts due to the vendor’s inability to provide the reports they needed to bid on new contracts.

Employer Advantage solution (what we did to solve the problem for them):
We provided a responsive team of HR and payroll professionals to care for the company. We also handled their payroll processes through our HR management system, which gave them access to on-demand reports and transparency into their payroll taxes and our administrative fees. Ultimately, we were able to provide peace of mind that we were handling things properly.

Business impact (Think PPTLC, hard numbers are great like saved xx% in time or dollars):
We provided them access to the reports they need to bid on $50,000 in additional contracts. The company is saving $21,000 in payroll taxes on our services. Additionally, we supplied a new workers’ compensation policy that saved the company $7,000 in annual premiums.

Impact to highlight:

  • Able to bid on $50,000 in additional contracts
  • Saved $21,000 in payroll taxes and $7,000 in insurance premiums

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