Industry: Entertainment
Locations: 9 States
Number of employees: 400+

Challenge: New business with no internal HR team

Client challenge (reason they wanted to talk with us or compelling event):
A new entertainment exhibit company was starting a new travelling exhibit in 7 major US cities in 8 weeks and needed a comprehensive solution for human resources, workers’ compensation insurance, workplace safety, benefits, and payroll.

Employer Advantage solution (what we did to solve the problem for them):
We provided a team of specialists in human resources, worker place safety, benefits, and payroll. The team immediately went to work creating needed documents, policies, and procedures for hiring and managing employees. Our human resource information system was customized to look and feel like it was the client’s software, and a fully customized time-keeping system was setup per client specifications along with an AI-powered scheduler for each location.

Business impact (Think PPTLC, hard numbers are great like saved xx% in time or dollars):
The company saved over $475,000 annually in salary alone by partnering with Employer Advantage. The company was able to open on schedule and is happy to offer a wide suite of benefits to their employees.

Impact to highlight

  • Company saved $475,000 in annual salary
  • New exhibits opened on schedule

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