Industry: Aviation operations
Locations: 8 locations in 6 states
Number of employees: 100+

Challenge: Rapid business growth, excessive HR administration, and expensive benefits.

Client challenge (reason they wanted to talk with us or compelling event):
An aviation operations service provider needed help simplifying HR while experiencing rapid growth. Half of the owner’s time was being spent on transactional HR issues and that was expected to increase as the company doubled in size. The owner and other leaders were concerned about the additional compliance and regulations the business would fall under, their lack of a comprehensive safety plan, and their inability to offer a full suite of benefits due to costs.

Employer Advantage solution (what we did to solve the problem for them):
We provided a team of experts in human resources, benefits, and workplace safety to handle transactional day to day issues, multi-state compliance, administration of benefits, and to create a custom comprehensive safety plan.

Business impact (Think PPTLC, hard numbers are great like saved xx% in time or dollars):
We reduced the time the owner was spending on HR issues by over 80% and provided a suite of benefits that saves the client over $32,000 annually. Our benefits package includes several benefits not offered previously including a 401k.

Key Figures to highlight:

  • Reduced time spent on HR by 80%
  • Saved $32,000 annually in benefit premiums

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