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While watching the NFL playoffs, I saw at least ten different commercials from three separate law firms, each with the same message:

If you are injured on the job, we can help you fight the insurance companies to get the compensation you deserve.”

The problem with this message is that it perpetuates the misconception that insurance companies are an enemy for workers to fight. In reality, on-the-job injury insurance, referred to as income protection insurance or workers’ compensation, exists to protect employees from the lost wages and medical expenses incurred due to injury during the course of employment. Workers’ compensation was developed with the well-being of injured employees in mind, and is in fact a legal requirement for employers to carry (in most states).

Before Workers’ Compensation Laws

Prior to the enactment of workers’ compensation laws, the only source of compensation for any injured employee was through the courts. Employees had to prove their employer’s negligence led to the injury to gain any compensation for lost wages or medical bills.

Today’s Workers’ Compensation Statutes | A Good Starting Point

Fortunately, the workers’ compensation statutes in place today are intended to alleviate the need for litigation. The laws provide employees with monetary awards to cover loss of wages directly related to the accident as well as to compensate for permanent physical impairments and medical expenses. The laws also provide benefits for dependents of those workers who are killed in work-related accidents or illnesses.

Some laws also protect employers and fellow workers by limiting the amount an injured employee can receive from an employer, and by eliminating the liability of co-workers in most accidents. US state statutes establish this framework for most employment. Federal statutes are limited to federal employees or to workers employed in some significant aspect of interstate commerce.

Maximizing and Simplifying Workers’ Compensation for the Employee and Employer

When it comes to Workers’ Compensation, Employer Advantage is a big ADVANTAGE for all parties involved. We have thirty years of experience in purchasing, administering, and helping employers with workers’ compensation policies. Through economy of scale, we have pooled together the buying power of hundreds of client companies to create an impressive workers’ compensation policy that can cover all our clients’ employees. Once you become a part of the Employer Advantage policy, the headaches of claims administration, annual workers’ compensation audits, and OSHA reporting are all taken off your plate.

If you prefer to maintain your own workers’ compensation coverage, we can manage that policy for you and keep your paperwork to a minimum. We work with agents to shop for the best prices, handle your renewals, make all premium payments, and provide auditors with any information requested.

Our claims specialists monitor all aspects of your claim, from beginning to end, while keeping in contact with you, your employees, and the insurance carrier. We work with you to develop a “return to work” program for all injured employees placed on modified duty to help integrate them back into the workplace and help minimize the cost of claims.

Workplace Safety is a Critical Aspect of Workers’ Compensation Management

In addition to workers’ compensation coverage and administration, our team of safety specialists make sure each worksite is a safe place to work. Our safety services benefit both the employer and the employee by reducing injuries and keeping workers’ compensation premiums from drastically increasing.

Here are the steps we take:

  • Workplace hazards are assessed. Then our safety engineers teach and train employees to follow safety procedures so accidents can be reduced or eliminated.
  • When an injury occurs, the employee becomes the number one priority. We proceed with urgency while maintaining privacy.
  • Each accident is carefully investigated to identify what can be done to make sure it won’t happen again to another employee.
  • Partnering with the insurance companies and utilizing in-network medical facilities helps minimize the cost of claims.
  • We maintain injury records and file OSHA 300 logs.

If you are watching the Kansas City Chiefs play in the Super Bowl this Sunday, you will probably see one of the aforementioned workers’ compensation commercials. What you won’t see is the positive message regarding today’s established laws, which help to ensure employees receive the compensation they have earned and deserve.

When it comes to Employee Administration and Compliance, Employer Advantage is grateful to be able to comprehensively manage and facilitate best practices that benefit employers and employees.

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