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As a business owner, it is sad to see anyone go through the blood, sweat and tears to create a business only to see the dream fade and disappear. Yet in the United States, eight percent of all businesses fail each year. Almost one third of new businesses flop in the first two years.

After more than 25 years as the trusted Professional Employer Organization (PEO) serving well over a thousand business locations, Employer Advantage has come to understand three main factors contributing to a company’s failure.

  • Not hiring, training and developing the right employees.
  • Failure to comply with all government regulations related to employees and employment practices from the very beginning.
  • Failure to focus sufficiently on the core business and growth, and neglected attention to the revenue generating process, which requires a fulltime effort.

Many businesses underestimate or never come to understand the resources necessary to manage the burdens of employee administration and compliance. This miscalculation inadvertently shifts time, focus, and resources away from the core business, which intern can start the downward spiral to a company’s failure.

Employer Advantage is centered on empowering employers by freeing them from the administrative and compliance burdens of having employees so they can focus on their business success. Our comprehensive suite of services manages payroll, employment taxes, health and benefits, retirement, human resources, employee manuals, safety, training, workers’ compensation, OSHA, DOT, and more.

Compliance management to give the Employer Advantage

Federal, state and local government have a say in how every business is managed, making them a required and demanding partner for every company. From child labor laws to mandatory compliance posters to workers’ compensation and record management, government compliance demands inundate most businesses. As not just a PEO, but as an IRS-certified PEO (also known as a CPEO), we free clients from daily compliance nightmares that play out like an alphabet soup of distractions…EOC, FUTA, SUTA, EPLI, ADEA, HRA, ADAAA, WOTC, FLSA, USERRA, ERISA, OSHA, FICA, HIPAA, COBRA, EPA, DOT, and the list goes on.

Excellent service to provide the Business Advantage

Statistics from our industry show that if a business uses a PEO, they are 50% less likely to go out of business. Successful businesses are able to focus on the core business model and leave the rest to experts. We enhance profitability while reducing the costs associated with employment laws and the often-significant penalties for the failure to comply with them.

We don’t manufacture widgets, build homes, stage events, run a dental office,  take care of pets in a vet clinic, do body shop repairs, or many other things. What we do is take over the “business of employment.” Our success has come from our ability to free our clients to succeed.

Making an impact to offer the Employee Advantage

The long-term success of any business is rooted in its employees. More than a slick software solution — Employer Advantage’s dedicated service teams save businesses time and money, while providing employees with top-notch assistance and benefits. Our clients convey to us they have a happier staff because of our ability to enhance their employee satisfaction.

Here are just some of the Employee Advantages:

  • Bolstered confidence that management cares for them as employees.
  • Better workplace environment from good HR policies, handbooks and practices including job descriptions and performance evaluations that reduce turnover and strengthen morale.
  • Access to top quality world-class benefit plans, needed and desired by employees and their families.
  • Availability of 401 (k) retirement plans that demonstrate the employer wants them to make their job a career and stay until retirement.
  • Safer workplace through training and reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Business success that creates an opportunity for long-term employment, growth, and reward.

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