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One of the most important aspects of any business is its employees. One of the largest components of cost in any business is labor. But keeping track of your employees is no small task. It can be extraordinarily time-consuming and costly.

While managing employee work hours, all businesses must make sure they are compliant with labor laws. Keeping track of time is only one part of the picture. Employers need to manage employee schedules and overall staffing needs, track attendance, overtime, employee time off and balances, and make sure they are compliant with ACA, FMLA, and FLSA guidelines. Each state has various rules regarding rounding, lunches, time off, and many other compliance regulations relating to keeping track of hours worked.

Companies have another legitimate concern when it comes to labor costs, which is making sure they are accurate. The many “time clock” mobile app punching options make “buddy punching” at the time clock (punching in when not at work) a real problem. Accurate data is highly dependent on what service and product you choose.

This is where Employer Advantage can help. Our knowledgeable time-and-attendance specialists and state-of-the-art timekeeping software provide solutions that are simple enough to set up, use, and manage during day-to-day operations. Our time and labor management solutions help you automate and streamline manual tasks, reduce errors, and access detailed information in real-time, making managers more productive and giving them the tools to help their employees to do the same.

Whether you have employees who work in one central location, from home, or who travel from worksite to worksite, we can provide you the best solution for your business. We offer simple options of punching in and out, complex options of job costing, geo tracking and geo fencing, biometric clock solutions, and IP security restrictions that control where the web punching can take place. Our solutions also make tracking time and attendance easy and compliant.

The Right Timekeeping Solution is the Key to Cost Savings

Our automated time and attendance solutions become a powerful labor cost savings tool and are selected and tailored to meet your individual business needs. The proper solution also means convenience for payroll processors, supervisors, and business owners.

Here are just some of the benefits of our timekeeping solutions:

  • Cut Administrative Costs: Automate time tracking, while eliminating calculation and administrative hours.
  • Calculate Your Cost Savings: Track actual minutes worked, while eliminating wasted labor minutes.
  • Increase Productivity: Pay employees for exact time worked – down to the minute.
  • Eliminate “Buddy Punching”: Prevent tardiness and employee time theft.
  • Eliminate Late Arrival and Early Departure: Use data to manage your workforce.
  • Make Edits Easily: Making workplace management more efficient.
  • Real Time Financial Planning: Job costing and wage reports to budget for the next year.

Our comprehensive time and attendance services include:

  • Cloud-based solutions that are available anytime, anywhere
  • Time and attendance help desk
  • Time clocks
  • Mobile apps
  • Seamless payroll integration/uploads
  • PTO/vacation tracking and reporting
  • Job costing/labor distribution
  • Attendance policy tracking/enforcement

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