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Since the country’s reopening, the United States has seen an alarming increase in coronavirus infection rates. With inconsistent and ever-changing guidance from the government, employers are scrambling to keep their businesses, employees, and customers healthy and safe. From big cities to small towns, the implications and unprecedented responsibilities put upon employers have become inescapable and universal.

Employer Advantage is sharing what we consider our “Essential COVID-19 Toolbox” filled with important information about the tools we use to help our clients maintain their businesses during these uncertain times. 

BACK TO WORK | A Coronavirus Reopening Checklist for Employers

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From devastating pandemic to enemy of the economy, COVID-19 has rapidly ravaged normalcy in the workplace. Here is a checklist that we use to aid our clients in creating a customized safety policy and associated training for their organization to reopen their business. (See full article…)  


EMPLOYERS BEWARE | Workers’ Compensation Being Bypassed for COVID-19 Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Claims

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The best way to defend a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit is to prevent it from ever occurring. Workplace safety has never been more important. Employers must continue to take steps to avoid employee exposure to COVID-19. Companies who operate in good faith to protect their employees and provide a safe workplace must act now if they wish to avoid such claims from ever being filed, and put themselves in the best position to defend against such claims, should they arise. (See full article…)


GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS FOR EMPLOYERS | The New Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act HR 7090 (PPPFA)

A GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS FOR EMPLOYERS New Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act HR 7090 PPPFA 980x719 1

With more hoops to jump through, more burden to shoulder, more time, effort, and vigilance required, Employer Advantage is working hard to assist our clients in navigating COVID-19 legislation in order to ensure compliance and the ability to take advantage of the critical aid available. Here’s a basic overview of the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act: (See full article…)


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