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Thirty years ago when Employer Advantage was created, cybersecurity was in its infancy. The first computer worm was released in 1989, shutting down much of the internet. Personal computers (PC’s) were new and expensive; our first computer was a $10,000 IBM 386. E-mail was practically unheard of but experienced its first viruses in the early 1990s. Confidentiality was defined by locking documents in secure file cabinets.

Today, it would be impossible to serve clients effectively without computers and using the internet. But with ever-changing technology comes new risks. The ongoing battle against a security breach through hacking, spyware, malware, virus/worms, phishing, and a DDos attack means your cybersecurity needs to not only be current, but cutting edge.

We understand that black hat hackers and other nefarious actors know how to create legitimate sounding emails that spoof–or appear to come from–internal company teams. These attacks have become prevalent, with emails often centered on topics such as IT issues, new or changed policies, employee benefits, employee handbooks, payroll, and W-2 information.

At Employer Advantage, protecting clients is a responsibility we take very seriously. Here is a brief overview of some key safeguards we have in place and that you should consider for your company as well.

  • Multiple next-generation firewalls are in place which perform advanced threat protection and deep packet inspection
  • Careful utilization of a tool called a sandbox to securely detonate any malicious payloads outside of the network
  • A top-performing intrusion prevention system is active at all times
  • A security monitor constantly watches our network, looking for any spurious activity
  • Implementation of a heuristic email filter to protect from accidentally sending out personal information
  • Each computer on the network has a dedicated, cloud-enabled threat monitor to block exploits
  • All employees are trained and on constant lookout for phishing expeditions by the bad guys, which could get through the system.

As a final backstop, we carry cyber liability insurance, which covers network security liability, privacy liability, data breach, and network extortion threats. This is a coverage that most businesses just can’t do without when accountable for employee data such as names, addresses, and social security numbers.

Employer Advantage is proud of our standout efforts to serve our clients and protect the business community in which we operate. Want to learn more?




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