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Now more than ever, business owners are feeling a “call to action” as they realize they lack the HR Resources they truly need to mitigate and manage the impacts of the Coronavirus on their business and employees.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Employer Advantage has seen an influx of clients needing our assistance to navigate through evolving business challenges. But the realization that “self-service isn’t all it’s cracked up to be” in the face of the unexpected, is nothing new. For more than 30 years, hundreds of businesses have turned to the Human Resources Outsourcing and Management provided by Employer Advantage. We service our clients like an internal HR department – one team that expertly manages the administrative and compliance burdens of your business so you can focus on what matters most.

HR, Payroll, Health and Benefits, Workplace Safety, and More
Our unique service model combines comprehensive management of your employee administration and compliance with the latest software solutions, tailored to meet your individual needs and company culture. We provide a free strategic assessments of your business needs, with quick and easy account setup, and seamless transitions. Need Help? Contact us at 1.877.887.6780 or  Info@EmployerAdvantage.com

Pre-pandemic, some businesses have chosen to begin service with us during these key business milestones:
1) Filing of federal and state employment tax returns. Each quarter, a business is required to file forms 941 reporting federal taxes and state unemployment insurance forms reporting employee wages. Considering these tax reports only, January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st would be the ideal time to begin. Starting at the first pay date of any quarter means the government will receive only one quarterly report for those employees. But remember, taxes are reported based on pay dates, so the liability date will begin just before the quarter starts.

2) Major Medical Plan renewal date: Changing medical plans can be a major task. Since many new clients can qualify to be included in the EA major medical health plan, another ideal time to begin is just before your existing medical plan is set to renew. We take care of all the underwriting for our plan and complete employee enrollments just in time for your plan to end. If you choose to keep your existing medical plan, we can also help with the open enrollments and administer the monthly billing.

3) Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy renewal: Each policy has an annual renewal and a payment schedule in which all the premiums are paid at the beginning of the policy term or making a large down payment along with monthly payments. Since many clients also qualify to be included on the EA master workers’ compensation policy, a good time to start would be at the end of your current WC policy. This would avoid the early termination fees the other insurance companies charge.

4) Internal personnel changes: If you have an HR manager retiring or a payroll specialist getting a promotion, that would be the right time to look at outsourcing. EA will assume those duties and many more, so you won’t have to hire or train any replacements. We can transition personnel to more important roles in the company to focus on growth. Just as with any profession, the skill set required to perform the business of employment is beyond the personal capabilities of one person. It takes teamwork.

About Employer Advantage
A New Path to HR Bliss – Trusted for more than 30 years, Employer Advantage frees you from the administrative and compliance burdens of having employees so you can focus on your business success. Versatile enough for companies of all sizes, our unique service combines comprehensive management of your employee administration and compliance with the latest software solutions, tailored to meet your individual needs and company culture. Our full-service management of HR, payroll, health and benefits, workplace safety, and more, enhances your profitability while reducing the costs and risks associated with employment law compliance. We provide your employees with top-notch assistance and benefits that help you increase productivity, save time and money, and attract and retain a talented workforce. And for small and mid-sized businesses, we bring you economy of scale with access to Fortune-500-level benefits, specialty assistance, and savings that would not be possible to attain on your own. Headquartered in the Midwest and serving more than 400 companies and 10,000 worksite employees throughout the country, Employer Advantage is an IRS-Certified Professional Employer Organization (PEO) (C-PEO). Experienced, certified, and trusted. www.EmployerAdvantage.com