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The array of HR-related administrative tasks and regulations that businesses must comply with is truly dizzying.

If you have employees, you already know of the laundry list of responsibilities that fall to HR. From monitoring state and federal legislation, to navigating employee relations, to screening, hiring, and training new personnel, Human Resources is the centerpiece of it all.

What businesses owners may not know is that there can be risk and significant penalties for failing to comply with the many complex HR regulations handed out by government agencies. Do you know the meanings of the acronyms FLSA, EEOC, DOL, ADA, NLRA, and FMLA? Each is a government entity, or employment act, or program that mandates the way a business must perform in order to protect and support employees. Do you know what your business needs to do to satisfy each? Or the associated penalties for noncompliance? Your HR representative must.

What busy companies may also forget is the human element – that employees should truly be managed and preserved like the “human resource” they are. In many mid-size and small businesses, the Human Resource person is responsible for all the duties previously mentioned, and may also oversee payroll, benefits, and other office duties. Understaffed and over-obligated HR personnel, or improperly designed business practices, can make it difficult for a company to provide the employee benefits and assistance that would attract and maintain a talented workforce.

It’s not that companies don’t want to have great Human Resources capabilities. But many are overwhelmed by the scope of HR duties and the number of ever-changing government regulations. Or they simply can’t afford to properly maintain best practices.

This is where Employer Advantage’s trusted Human Resources consulting services can be a saving grace for businesses. With decades of HR experience, our HR professionals can serve as your entire HR department, or provide your current HR director/staff with critical support. Our HR professionals have rescued countless businesses from the minefield of personnel responsibilities.

Here are some questions to help you make the determination if your Human Resources services are in need of support:

  • Are you hiring the best people available for the job? Employer Advantage can help you with background checks, interview questions and performance appraisals.
  • Are you confident that your employee handbook meets all the current regulatory requirements? Our HR professionals can help you draft a fully compliant handbook if you don’t have one. If you do, they can periodically review your policies to make sure you stay up to date with regulatory trends and the progress of your company. They will also alert you to major governmental or other HR-related developments that you may want to account for in your handbook.
  • Are you facing a sticky personnel situation? Our HR professionals are here to walk you through the appropriate steps of dealing with things such as discrimination claims, employee disabilities, performance problems, sexual harassment, and medical leave. Your assigned service team is just a phone call or email away. We even work onsite to help when needed.
  • Are you in total compliance with all that the government demands? Every year, the list of things that the government demands of employers continues to grow. Employer Advantage frees business from this stressful reality with well-versed management of government compliance.
  • Are your supervisors prepared and trained to become part of a well-integrated business machine? Regardless of your schooling, most educational programs do not prepare you to be an employer in the real world. Employer Advantage offers training and education for many of today’s employer business challenges.

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