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Health and Benefits have become the cornerstone of attracting and retaining top talent

By Lee Allphin, Employer Advantage Founder and Chairman of the Board

With unemployment at the lowest it’s been in decades, attracting and retaining employees in today’s environment has become increasingly hard. This has put an ever-increasing pressure on businesses to offer competitive benefits. Employees increasingly consider the size and quality of their benefits when making decisions about accepting a new job or staying with their current employer. Benefits, therefore, have become a key strategic tool for attracting and retaining the talent that could propel your company’s success.


Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have limited negotiating power with insurance and other benefit providers, meaning that they often have to pay high amounts for mediocre benefits. In a very small group, one sick person with high claims could impact the entire insurance plan, causing an employer’s rates to skyrocket.

Employer Advantage’s master health plan allows business owners to overcome this challenge. Our large group plan allows the risk to be spread over a larger plan, which generally means lower rates to cover the group. Our plan also gives access to plan designs and rate structures that are normally only available to large organizations.

We offer our health insurance plan to full-service clients that have at least 5 employees and strong employee participation. Our plan is fully insured by UnitedHealthcare, and comes with a variety of different plans and deductible options to fit the needs of client employees. Our goal is to help clients reduce costs and get better benefits for each dollar they spend.


We keep costs in the plan low by individually underwriting each client. Our team helps each Employer Advantage client to select the plan that will best meet their needs. Once a plan design is selected, our team also oversees employee enrollment and provides seamless administration for employees. We’ll also keep an eye on your bills from the insurance carriers to make sure you’re being charged the appropriate amounts. Doesn’t that sound easy?

In the event a company doesn’t qualify for our plan, we can provide health insurance through one of our trusted broker partners. Employer Advantage’s benefits experts work with you to get a health plan in place that balances benefits and cost for your company. Once you have a plan in place, you will enjoy the same seamless administration as those on our plan, ensuring your plan runs smoothly and correctly.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has left many businesses with big questions about what plans meet legal requirements. There have been multiple legal rulings and policy changes since ACA was passed that impact how to comply with this law. And did you know that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) also requires you to do certain things when it comes to health insurance? We can take care of all of this for you.


Ultimately, we want to reduce the cost of benefits and their administration, help your employees get benefits they love, and make your company more successful because you have a healthy and talented workforce. As the cost and complexity of benefits increases, let us take the burden off you.

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