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Many employers are unaware of the dangers of non-compliance until they experience the lawsuits, penalties, and fines that can result.

Trying to comply with employment laws, rules, and regulations can be viewed as a back-burner issue in comparison to the challenges that today’s business leaders face – especially for small to mid-sized businesses that often don’t have the necessary Human Resources to keep in compliance.

As any company that has been penalized for non-compliance can attest, business owners should be aware of the latest issues affecting employers, and what they can do to ensure they stay compliant:  

Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, this bill will radically change compliance concerns for employers defending common workplace disputes. With bipartisan congressional support, this new law has been passed and gives employees that have been historically subject to arbitration agreements the right to choose whether to bring covered claims in arbitration, or in court. This also includes employees that have signed mandatory arbitration agreements with third parties such as a PEO.

Arbitration agreements will no longer be enforceable against employees seeking to file lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and/or sexual assault, although employees can voluntarily decide to abide by the arbitration agreement.

This new Act will not invalidate the existence of employee arbitration agreements. However, existing agreements should be modified to remove any sexual harassment and sexual assault claims. Business owners should also be prepared for increased sexual harassment cases.

Wage and Hour Law Changes are Volatile and Carry Great Risk

With an empowered labor movement, an aggressive administration, and the ongoing workforce shortage, wage and hour law changes have never been more significant. The combination of these factors has heightened the consequences of even the slightest misstep. Employers should not delay in familiarizing themselves with the regulations they must comply with in their local jurisdiction and state.

Employer Liability for Release of Stolen Confidential Information About Employees, Clients, and Suppliers 

Cyberattacks against companies and organizations are on the rise. Through phishing emails, exploitation of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and software vulnerabilities, many attacks have resulted in unauthorized access to company networks.

Employers are responsible for the protection of the data they possess. Here are steps businesses should take to be compliant with data security and workplace privacy requirements:

A) Protect your business with one of the many cyber liability policies available.

B) Maintain remote access vigilance.

Because of the pandemic, working remotely and the need for remote access have become necessities. So too should be vigilant RDP protocols.

  • Observe log-in locations and number of log-in attempts.
  • Ensure that RDP credentials are immediately disabled once an employee leaves the company or otherwise no longer needs the credentials.
  • Deploy Multifactor Authentication: Consider requiring multifactor authentication for employees working remotely.


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