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On October 8, the Small Business Administration (SBA) announced a simplified Payroll Protection Program (PPP) forgiveness application for most loans of $50,000 or less. SBA also eased the burden on PPP lenders, allowing lenders to process forgiveness applications more swiftly.

Many borrowers have wisely waited to file for loan forgiveness, hoping for additional relief. Borrowers that are qualified to use Form 3508S should consider starting the process for loan forgiveness now. Borrowers under the $50,000 threshold are unlikely to see additional program changes

Here is a brief summary of the provisions of this new rule:

· Small business borrowers who had loans of less than $50,000 may use the new application and will benefit from the more relaxed rules associated with the application. However, if the loan was part of a group or affiliated business that in aggregate received more than $2,000,000 in PPP loans, the borrower may not use the new application.

· Those who qualify to use the new application will be exempted from any forgiveness reduction due to reduction in FTE counts or employee wages.

· The primary qualifier for forgiveness will be that the loan proceeds were used exclusively to pay qualifying costs. The definition of these costs remains unchanged. While these costs do not have to be detailed on the application itself, the borrower must still provide documentation of these costs as outlined in the instructions for the application.

Additionally, we strongly recommend consultation with your lender as questions arise, as they will be the primary arbiter of loan amounts qualifying for forgiveness.

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